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River Raisin Institute

Ecological Restoration
River Raisin Monitoring
River Raisin Restoration Initiative
Oak Savannah Management
Sustainable Living Development
Natural Building Project:
Kensington Children's Cottage
Sustainable Development in Haiti:
University of Fondwa &
Peasant Association of Fondwa
Urban Agroforestry:
Gesu School and ALCC
Sustainability Awareness
Lake Erie Water Festival
Earth Day
Bioneers Conference
Green Building Workshop
The Institute
Our Mission
Contact Us
Press Releases
Of Further Interest
Health Matters





Changing minds...transforming our planet

We sponsor educational works with the goal to respect, nurture, and promote the well-being of all creation. We collaborate with others to promote transformational learning and sustainable community for the 21st century and beyond.

What's New...
Gathering Fundraiser on Sept 26

School Project
Down on the Farm project
Connecting Schools to the Great Lakes Initiative
River Raisin in Monroe, Michigan
Giving Opportunities
Student monitoring activities
Get Involved!

Volunteer opportunities, workshops and events.